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Monday Fun Day! (2/06/2012 Edition)

Welcome back to the work week, folks! Here's a little Monday fun to get things started:

earlyword galleychat pins- Last week Talia, Stephanie Chase, Alene Moroni, and I were featured in EarlyWord modeling their brand new, mega-chic GalleyChat buttons. See the article here!

- Flavorwire puts THREATS and HALF-BLOOD BLUES on their list of "10 New Must Reads for February." We agree! See the full list here.

- Looking ahead to the Indie Next List for March, we see THE STARBOARD SEA, THE INQUISITOR, THE DOG WHO DANCED, and GYPSY BOY. See the full list here.

- And a word on the big game:

We would be remiss to ignore all of the sports excitement from this weekend, so we'll extend our congratulations to this year's MVP (Most Valuable Puppy, that is), Fumble!

Watch highlights from Puppy Bowl VIII* here.

puppy bowl vid

*Apparently humans were playing a similar game this weekend, but that might just be rumor.

Have a good one!

2 Responses to Monday Fun Day! (2/06/2012 Edition)

  1. Lucy says:

    Hi guys,

    I loved that book the dog who danced, by susan wilson, would recommend it anyone who is an animal lover?

    Am a big fan of dogs myself as you can see from my site, where you can find out more about me.


  2. ali says:


    I’ll be frank. I’m skeptical that you’re a human, much less a librarian, but there are some pretty cute pictures of puppies on that site so I’m going to leave your comment up for the moment.


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