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Unshelved hearts FANGIRL!

For those of you who missed last Friday’s Unshelved comic, it’s all about Rainbow Rowell’s fabulous FANGIRL!
Fangirl comic

More UNSHELVED Readers?! Yes, Please!

Well, well, well. If it isn't another Unshelved reader... Duck!

I just threw a handful of confetti and glitter and ducks at the screen. You're so welc—Uh oh, did I get some in your eye? No wait, you're just tearing up because you've never felt SO welcome at a blog before! We totally understand.

Whether you're new to this blog, a long time reader, or you clicked on Talia's nose to get here yesterday and wanted to click on my nose today, we're glad you're here! (And if you don't know what I'm going on about, check out the banner ad/masterpiece running over the Unshelved comics this week.)

Like yesterday, we encourage you to browse through our recent posts, take a peek at our digital catalogs, and sign up for our Booklist webinar.

But wait there's more! We have yet another giveaway! And this time it's just the type of bloody thriller that you can't get Talia to stop reading...

unselved you can't

We have a small stack of hardcover copies of THE NIGHTMARE by the absurdly charming pseudonymous Swedish writing couple, Lars Kepler!

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended!

Want one? Introduce yourself in an e-mail (to: that includes your name, the library you work for, and the full mailing address where you would like to receive the book.

Best, (No, you're the best!)
Talia & Ali

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Hey There, Fellow UNSHELVED Readers!

Welcome to the Macmillan Library blog! We're so glad you were intrigued enough by our goofy faces to click through and see what we're all about (if you didn't make it here via Unshelved, see the adorable ad that Bill made here).

unshelved ad

We'll kick off introductions by letting you in on the things we secretly love the most. Talia, for one, goes crazy for mini-cupcakes, costume fairy wings, and her two sassy cats. And Ali is a sucker for sweaters with foxes on them, puppies in top hats, and American macaroons.

When it comes to our reading preferences, Talia is all about the psychological thrillers—the gorier the better—whereas Ali opts for the epic sci-fi and fantasy stories—the more spaceships the better. Both of us are suckers for anything with a cute animal on the cover.

But that's not all we read. We're here specifically to chat with you about all of the great Adult books coming from Macmillan's publishers (including St. Martin’s Press, Henry Holt, Tor/Forge, Minotaur, Picador, and Farrar, Straus & Giroux) as well as our distributed publishers. Please feel free to ask us questions!

We encourage you to browse through our recent posts, head straight to our digital catalogs, or sign up for our Booklist webinar.

And for the Sherrilyn Kenyon fans who are quick on the draw:

We have 10 extra galleys of Sherrilyn Kenyon's TIME UNTIME, the latest book in the Dark-Hunter series. Just send an e-mail to with your name, the library you work for, and the full mailing address where you would like to receive the galley.

If you're new, introduce yourselves in the comment section below or come chat with us on Twitter (@MacmillanLib)! We look forward to getting to know you.

All the best!
Talia & Ali

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UNSHELVED Readers, Here's Your Exclusive Invite to the Epic Book Battle Webinar!

book battle ad

Who? You, silly! And also Talia "The Tiger" Sherer from Team Macmillan and Chris "The Cutie" Vaccari from Team Sterling.

When? Thursday, July 12th, 2pm Eastern.

Where? Your favorite computer screen!

What? "Book Battle II: This Time It’s Personal." Booklist posted an excellent description:

If you missed those legendary book brawlers, Cutie and Tiger (a.k.a. Chris Vaccari from Sterling Publishing and Talia Sherer from Macmillan), mixing it up at recent ALA conferences, now’s your chance to get a ringside seat—right in front of your own computer! The book battle is going virtual.

Some critics charge that Cutie and Tiger have been a bit too nice to one another in their earlier exchanges. No matter. This time they assure us the gloves are coming off. When they climb out of the ring at the end of the hour, they will have left nothing behind—except, of course, for dozens of terrific new-book recommendations.

Don’t miss this free, hour-long Booklist webinar moderator by Adult Books editor Brad Hooper.

Sign up now! Do it! Do it now.

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Hey there Unshelved readers,

Welcome to where all of your bookish dreams come true! Well, all the ones with kittens, magic, and silly hats, that is.

Why don't you take a minute to see what we're all about in the About Us tab or give us a shout on Twitter? Check in with us every weekday for news, recommendations, announcements, and giveaways; or make it easy on yourself and add us to your RSS feed.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to hear from you soon!

yours, Talia & Ali

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Hello Unshelved Readers! Here's Your Free Teen Poster!

Dear Unshelved Reader,

We would love to offer all US-based librarians and educators a complimentary 2011 Books for Teens poster. To request your copy, please e-mail library at macmillan usa dot com with your full name and mailing address.


Books for Teens