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Best Crime According to Booklist

Booklist has posted their picks for The Year’s Best Crime Novels: 2012!

They admit, "It gets harder and harder to pick the year’s best crime fiction. There is so much outstanding work in this ever-expanding genre that it’s confounding even to know where to start."

We totally agree. However, we think they found some great books to feature this year including two of our favorites, THE DEVIL SHE KNOWS by Bill Loeflem which they call, "suspenseful and remarkably textured," and IRON HOUSE by John Hart which has "beyond-genre depth!"

They also listed their Top Five Debut Crime Novels including Rick Gavin's RANCHERO which has "pitch-perfect" dialogue!

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Tuesday Fun Day! (9/6/2011 Edition)

Happy Tuesday, fellow bibliovores!

Apparently today is National Read a Book Day, but we're pretty skeptical about this whole "reading" business, so we're going to hang back and see how it goes this year before getting involved. ;)

- We're excited to see that David Bezmozgis' THE FREE WORLD has been longlisted for the 2011 Giller Prize! You can watch David read a short excerpt from the beginning here.

- RANCHERO earned a third(!) starred review, this time from Publishers Weekly. It reads,

"Full of inspired comic hyperbole, Gavin’s rollicking debut does for the Mississippi Delta what Tim Dorsey and Carl Hiaasen do for Florida. [...] Readers will eagerly await Reid’s next adventure in the Delta."

- Vanity Fair held an informal interview with Jill Abramson, author of THE PUPPY DIARIES. What is her idea of perfect happiness? Reading the Sunday Times on a sunny beach. What is her greatest extravagance? Replacing a pair of Lucchese cowboy boots after Scout gnawed the toes off the first pair. Read more here.

- In Nonfiction news, THAT USED TO BE US by Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum made it on to EarlyWord's New Title Radar this week.

Finally, to properly celebrate Labor Day, we've included these ridiculous .gifs of kittens hard at work:

See more kittens in the workplace here.

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Two Stars for Ranchero

Rick Gavin's southern road-story debut, RANCHERO, is a hit and earning more stars than, well, the Texas state flag, for starters.

Down in the Mississippi Delta, Nick Reid has a simple job to do: repossess a flat screen TV from Percy Dwayne Dubois. But Percy Dwayne sees fit to go, the way his sort will, all white-trash philosophical and decides the world is stacked against him anyway. He hits Nick over the head with a fireplace shovel, ties him up, and makes off with the mint-condition calypso coral-colored 1969 Ranchero that Nick borrowed from his landlady. And he takes the TV with him.

Nick will do anything to get the Ranchero back. And it turns out he might have to.

"This first novel from Gavin is a little miracle. The dialogue is pitchperfect, Desmond and Nick are likable, tough-but-not-psychotic protagonists and the bad guys are an unsettling mix of stupid and deadly. [...] One of the most enjoyable crime debuts in a very long time." -Booklist (starred review)

"Gavin’s first novel is a sure winner. Reminiscent of Tim Dorsey’s 'Serge Storms' series but with a more likable protagonist, it will appeal to down-home good old boys and their armchair counterparts. Recommended." -Library Journal (starred review)

UPDATE: RANCHERO earned a third(!) starred review, this time from Publishers Weekly.

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