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Friday Reads (3/21/14 Edition)

TGIF friends! Today we've got two great #FridayReads!

by Jane Green
New York Times bestselling author Green's riveting new novel about the events leading up to one woman's affair—and its aftermath is a USA Today "New and Noteworthy selection" (week of 3/24), and received 3-1/2 out of 4 stars from People Magazine, which said, “…her compelling tale reflects an understanding of contemporary women that’s acute and compassionate, served up with style.” Did we mention Robin Roberts is a fan, too?


Poet and screenplay writer Greenhalgh’s novel evokes a world of glamour and danger amid the waning days of World War II, when Ingrid Bergman meets the dashing war photographer Robert Capa. "Greenhalgh’s success as a screenwriter is on full display, particularly in his fast-paced dialogue and lyrical descriptions of postwar Paris. This heartbreaking story of two lost souls searching for a connection will be of high interest to fans of old-Hollywood glamour and wartime biographies." — Booklist

What are you reading this Friday? Share your picks with us @MacmillanLib with the hashtag #FridayReads.
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For Your Consideration: March LibraryReads titles

Happy Monday to our dear librarian pals,

We’d like to remind y’all that the February 1 deadline to nominate March 2014 publications for the next LibraryReads list is just around the corner!

Get thee to edelweiss! Download a DRC, read it, love it and nominate it! REPEAT!

THE CAIRO AFFAIR by Olen Steinhauer

International politics are at play as an Egyptian agent, an American analyst, a CIA agent, and a bereaved wife all converge on Cairo to find out why a diplomat was assassinated.

"THE CAIRO AFFAIR is an elegant, elaborate clockwork of mystery and deception that should draw readers in and keep them on tenterhooks as they try to figure out what is really making it all tick." Publishers Weekly, boxed signature review

"It has become de rigeur to compare Steinhauer to le Carré, but it’s nearly time to pass the torch: for the next generation, it’s Steinhauer who will become the standard by which others are measured." — Booklist, starred review

DRC button - Cairo Affair

by Nickolas Butler

Butler's debut novel about the relationship between four friends in a small Midwest town was selected by the ABA for the Spring 2014 Indies Introduce program.

"The hearty Midwest, which thrums and beats through tiny Little Wing, Wisconsin-an Anytown, USA, if there ever was one-assumes the whole soul of Butler's fetching debut. Readers can feel the winter cold on the other side of the neon sign and hear the peanut shells crunching underfoot." — Booklist

DRC button - Shotgun Lovesongs


From the New York Times bestselling author of ANOTHER PIECE OF MY HEART comes a riveting new novel about the events leading up to one woman's affair—and its aftermath.

"A SCARLET LETTER for the 21st century." — Kirkus Reviews

DRC button - Tempting Fate

PRECIOUS THING by Colette McBeth

"Debut author McBeth’s GONE GIRL-style psychological thriller will be a widespread hit for fans of dark drama with questionable narrators, including S. J. Watson’s BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP (2011), Sabine Durrant’s UNDER YOUR SKIN (2013), and Karen Perry’s THE INNOCENT SLEEP (2013)." Booklist, starred review

DRC button - Precious Thing

by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

"In a departure from her series featuring lawyer Thora Gudmundsdottir, Iceland’s queen of suspense combines modern crime detection with mysticism to chilling effect. Nordic mystery writers can raise goosebumps as few others can, and Sigurdardottir shows she’s one of the best." Booklist, starred review

Let’s not forget the buzz that’s been building for this gem.

DRC - I Remember You

by Carol Lynch Williams

For the teens at The Haven, the world beyond the towering stone wall that surrounds the premises is a dangerous unknown and always has been since the hospital was established in the year 2020. It was built to help control the Disease that claims limbs and lungs-and memories-but what if it's not the safe place it claims to be? Award-winning YA novelist Williams' new novel is "Deliciously enigmatic." — Kirkus Reviews

DRC - The Haven

by Bruce DeSilva

“Edgar-winner DeSilva melds moral dilemmas with a suspenseful plot in his third novel featuring Providence, R.I.–based reporter Liam Mulligan, his best yet.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

Go beyond the book and read this Publishers Weekly interview with DeSilva.

DRC - Providence Rag

For more March LibraryReads title suggestions, view our collection on Edelweiss. Happy reading and happy nominating!
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Happy New Year 2014!

new years kittensHappy New Year! We hope your holidays were wonderful. We're rested, rejuvenated and ready for all that 2014 will bring!

Want to know what our New Year's Resolution is? It's for all the librarians we know to participate in LibraryReads!

Do you love to read? Do people often ask you what book they should read next? Are you a public librarian? If you answered yes to all of these, then my friend, you are ready for LibraryReads.

LibraryReads logoWhat is this magical LibraryReads thing we speak of? It's a monthly list of the Top Ten newly released must-read books, voted on by librarians like you! By harnessing the value of "library staff picks" into a single nation-wide discovery tool, you can help connect books to as many readers as possible.

If you're ready to start, nominations are now being accepted for books publishing in March 2013 (due February 1). Here are some titles we recommend:

SHOTGUN LOVESONGS by Nickolas Butler
PRECIOUS THING by Colette McBeth
THE HAVEN by Carol Lynch Williams
THE CAIRO AFFAIR by Olen Steinhauer
DECODED by Mai Jia
NOTORIOUS by Allison Brennan
THE MIDNIGHT WITCH by Paula Brackston
THE OTHER HALF by Sarah Rayner
ALWAYS UNIQUE by Nikki Turner
CODE ZERO by Jonathan Maberry
I REMEMBER YOU by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

To vote, you must be an Edelweiss user and registered as a public librarian. If so, then you’re all set! To recommend a title, find the book page while logged into Edelweiss and click on “Your Review.” You will see the check the “Submit to LibraryReads” box on the bottom right of that box; click on it when saving your review to nominate that title.

If you are already an Edelweiss user, and logged in, but don’t see the option to “Submit to LibraryReads” when you click on “Your Review,” you may be in an Edelweiss organization that is not classified as a public library. In this case, please email for help.
If you are not an Edelweiss user, please register for Edelweiss using the Organization Type “Library – Public” to join the LibraryReads community.

Read in any format you like–paper or digital–but please submit all your reviews electronically, via Edelweiss.

Speaking of Edelweiss, did you know you can get whitelisted* for access to Macmillan e-galleys? It's true! Here's how to get pre-approved:

1. Register for Edelweiss with your library-issued e-mail address.
2. Send Anne an email that includes the e-mail address you registered with, your full name, and your current library (subject: Edelweiss).
3. Wait for Anne to send you a confirmation message, then download to your heart's delight and nominate titles you love for LibraryReads

*Whitelisting is only available to librarians currently employed in the U.S.

For more on Edelweiss, including reading recommendations, click here. Want to know even more about LibraryReads? Check out our FAQ for nomination deadlines, guidelines for writing reviews, details on how each list gets decided, and FREE marketing materials for your library. Happy reading and happy nominating!

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Hot Off the Press! New Winter 2014 ARCs

Winter 2014 ARCsWe love getting new ARCs. The rattle of the mail cart might as well be the jingles on Santa's sleigh and lo, Christmas came early!

PILLAR TO THE SKY by William Forstchen
As pandemic drought, skyrocketing oil prices, dwindling energy supplies, and water scarcity threaten the planet, only four people can prevent global chaos. Available in February 2014 from Tor Books.

A riveting novel about the events leading up to one woman's affair—and its aftermath. Available in March 2014 from St. Martin's Press.

NOTORIOUS by Allison Brennan
The first in a thrilling new series starring investigative reporter Max Revere from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Allison Brennan. Available in April 2014 from Minotaur Books.

PRECIOUS THING by Colette McBeth
A stunning suspense novel about two childhood best friends, reunited as adults and then ripped apart. Available in March 2014 from Minotaur Books.

All of these exciting Winter 2014 titles have e-galleys available on Edelweiss so you can start reading now!
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Women's Fiction Friday!

Okay, okay; "Women's Fiction Friday" isn't actually a regular series on this blog, but we have so many excellent women's fiction titles on our list—both backlist and forthcoming—that it should be! Look forward to more posts like this on upcoming Fridays... if I remember.

Today we're celebrating all of the great novelists that Rebecca Vnuk, author of READ ON... WOMEN'S FICTION and WOMEN'S FICTION AUTHORS, highlighted in "Rebecca’s Rules: Defining Women’s Fiction" over on So how exactly do we categorize women's fiction? Vnuk says,

"These are novels that explore the lives of female protagonists, focusing on all kinds of relationships, be it lovers, spouses, parents, children, friends, or members of a community. The common thread is that the central character is female, and the main thrust of the story is something happening in the life of that woman (as opposed to the overall theme being a romance or a mystery of some sort). Emotions and relationships are the common thread between books that belong in this category. A woman is the star of the story, and her emotional development drives the plot."

She goes on to offer a few guidelines on categorizing a book as women's fiction, but admits that "for most casual readers, it makes no difference whether we call it a romance or we call it women’s fiction, they just want something good to read about women."

On her list of "10 authors that reader’s-advisory librarians should be familiar with in order to best serve their women’s fiction fans" are:

Barbara Taylor Bradford
Barbara Delinsky
Emily Giffin
Jane Green
and Kristin Hannah

All of whom are published by St. Martin's Press! See the full list here.

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Macmillan Library @ ALA Annual 2012 (booth 2544)

exhibiting logoWe're getting geared up for ALA Annual in Anaheim and it's about time we shared all of our exciting plans with you!

See our full schedule below:


5:30 PM
Macmillan booth 2544

Mignon Fogarty (a.k.a. Grammar Girl) will be signing copies of her Quick & Dirty Tips books and Deb Coonts will be signing copies of SO DAMN LUCKY in our booth.


10:30-12 PM
Convention Center Rm 202A

Gail Tsukiyama, author of A HUNDRED FLOWERS, and Jeri Westerson, author of TROUBLED BONES, will be speaking on ALTAFF’s "Historical Fiction" panel.

11:00 AM
Macmillan booth 2544

Kelli Stanley will be signing copies of CITY OF SECRETS in our booth.

1:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Aisle 2200

Gail Tsukiyama, author of A HUNDRED FLOWERS, will be speaking at ALA’s LIVE! @ your library Reading Stage.

1:30-3:30 pm
Convention Center Rm 209A

Deb Coonts, author of SO DAMN LUCKY, will be speaking on ALTAFF’s “Isn’t It Romantic?” panel.

Pop Top Stage

A number of excellent Macmillan authors will be speaking on the Popular Topics Stage for Mystery Day! Read all about the Macmillan authors here! And see the full Pop Top Stage schedule here.

Unshelved Day @ ALA!

Our buddies over at Unshelved are celebrating TEN YEARS (say whaaaat?!) of comic strip goodness and they're encouraging you to show off your Unshelved pride on Saturday at ALA. Details on their blog!


9:00-10:00 am
Convention Center Rm 210A/B

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the event you've all been waiting for... #BOOKBATTLE2: The Sequel! In one corner we have Talia "The Tiger" Sherer. In the other corner we have Chris "The Cutie" Vaccari. These two champs will duke it out to claim the title of Best Book Buzzer Ever! They'll be buzzing about books for both adults and teens! There will be galleys! There will be prizes! There will be A BATTLE TO THE DEATH!!

book battle 2

9:00-10:00 am
Hyatt, Royal Ballroom

YA Author Coffee Klatch with Alex Award-winner Rachel DeWoskin.

Enjoy coffee and meet with a number of great YA authors! Librarians will sit at a table and every 3 or 4 minutes, a new author will arrive at your table to chat.

10:30-12:00 pm
Convention Center Rm 204A

The Alex Award is given to the top 10 books that appeal to young adults, and is administered by YALSA and sponsored by the Margaret Alexander Edwards Trust. The 2012 Alex Award winning authors including Rachel DeWoskin, author of BIG GIRL SMALL, will speak about their books and the award on this panel.

10:30-12:00 pm
Convention Center Rm 204C

The Great Non-Fiction Read-Alike: If You Like This, You’ll LOVE That! with Trivia!

As the popularity of non-fiction reading for pleasure continues to grow, librarians have a great opportunity to grow their reader’s advisory skills. All-star panelists Alene Moroni (Manager, Selection & Order, King County), Anna Mickelsen (Reference Librarian, Springfield City), Kaite Stover (Manager, Readers’ Services, Kansas City), Robin Nesbitt (Technical Services Director, Columbus Metropolitan), and Stephanie Chase (Head, Reference, Adult Services, & Programming, Multnomah County) will cover major trends in popular non-fiction and recommend upcoming titles with pre-publication buzz as well as titles from your backlist will satisfy your patrons while the best-selling titles are on hold.

2:30 PM
Macmillan booth 2544

Joel Engel will be signing copies of L.A. '56 in our booth.

4:00 PM
Macmillan booth 2544

Francesca Lia Block will be signing copies of THE ELEMENTALS in our booth.


10:00 AM
Macmillan booth 2544

Eleanor Kuhns will be signing copies of A SIMPLE MURDER in our booth.

2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Anaheim Marriott, Grand Salon E

Jane Green, author of ANOTHER PIECE OF MY HEART, will be speaking at the ALTAFF "Gala Author Tea." Tickets required.

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