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Head over heels for HAVISHAM

Everyone loves Ronald Frame's HAVISHAM, and for good reason. The story is creative (it's a prelude to Charles Dickens's classic GREAT EXPECTATIONS), the package is gorgeous, and the reviews are glowing:

“Before she took to pacing about her cobwebbed London manse in a tattered wedding gown, literature’s most famous jilted bride, Miss Havisham, ran the family brewery. Expectations are great for this engaging ‘prequel’ to Dickens’ classic.” Good Housekeeping, New Book Picks

“In HAVISHAM, his prequel to Great Expectations, Ronald Frame colorfully imagines the traumas that doomed the tortured Miss Havisham.” Vanity Fair, Hot Type column

“If you love Great Expectations, you'll bask in the light of Frame's detailed and atmospheric prequel focusing on the dark and tragic Miss Havisham.” Shelf Awareness

“An excellent example of a present-day writer taking on a classic, HAVISHAM gives the reader food for thought while reviving one of the great characters of Victorian literature.” BookPage

"An intelligently imagined Dickens prequel." Kirkus Reviews, starred review and Best Book of the Year selection

More reviews are still to come from USA Today and the New York Times Book Review. Film and TV rights have been acquired for adaptation by BBC producer Christopher Aird (Call the Midwife), but until then, you can watch the lovely book trailer.

Havisham trailer

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Eleven Dark Tales of Murder, Mourning, and Revenge

An aspiring writer discovers that her landlady has murdered her husband. An accomplished surgeon meets a cabaret singer, whose beautiful appearance belies the grotesque condition of her heart. And while the surgeon’s jealous lover vows to kill him, a violent envy also stirs in the soul of a lonely craftsman. The fates of these and others converge in the dark web of Yoko Ogawa's REVENGE.

Alan Cheuse raved about REVENGE on NPR saying, "So, really, it's not just Murakami but also the shadow of Borges that hovers over this mesmerizing book. And in that telltale heart, one may detect a slight bow to the American macabre of E.A. Poe. Ogawa stands on the shoulders of giants, as another saying goes. But this collection may linger in your mind—it does in mine—as a delicious, perplexing, absorbing and somehow singular experience." Read the full review here.

Revenge ECard

"Ogawa’s writing is simple and effective, and her technique for merging the tales demonstrates her mastery of the written word. [...] the author paints each tale exquisitely." -Kirkus Reviews

"Weaving together the morbid tales of 11 unnamed narrators, prolific Japanese author Ogawa, a Shirley Jackson Award winner, [...] makes it count with her precision and dedication to bringing the vision full-circle." -Publishers Weekly

Watch the book trailer for REVENGE here. IF YOU DARE!

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Jane Eyre... Laid Bare!

JANE EYRE LAID BARE is the classic gothic erotic mash-up that you won't be able to put down!

The already fiery love story between Jane and Mr. Rochester is lovingly infused with even more passion and heat. In fact, I feel like I should warn you against shelving the paperbacks next to other books... they may simply burst into flame. Author Eve Sinclair writes between the lines to chart the smoldering sexual chemistry between the long-suffering governess and her brooding employer.

Don't believe me? Get out your headphones (because this is so nsfw!) and listen up:

jane eyre excerpt trailer

Jane purists may protest (perhaps too much, methinks?), but Sinclair assures us that there's no cause for alarm, "I have changed very little of Brontë's original to retell the timeless story of a young girl falling for an unattainable older man and getting out of her depth in a sensual world she cannot control."

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Watch the KILLER Book Trailer for Kill You Twice!

You must watch this amazing book trailer for Chelsea Cain's latest psychological thriller, KILL YOU TWICE!

I promise the message will hit you... hard.

ky2 trailer

KILL YOU TWICE Review Round-Up:

"Cain hits the narrative throttle with all cylinders firing. Like the best thriller writers, though, she knows how to ease off the throttle, too, making room for subtle and satisfying character interplay but at the same building tension as we wait for the narrative to burst into overdrive once again. Masterful on every level." -Booklist (starred review)

"That blood oozes off practically every page is never in doubt. But neither is Cain’s skill in creating riveting character drama between two damaged souls." -Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Cain’s abiding determination to outdo the suspense, plot twists and gore of each previous outing is both perverse and awe-inspiring." -Kirkus Reviews

And Robin Beerbower (Salem Public Library, OR) added KILL YOU TWICE to her list of books for the Fourth Annual Librarian Shout n' Share at BEA!

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Yes, That's a Fish in My Ear

Happy Friday, all!

We have a wonderfully charming book trailer to share with you today.

Farrar, Straus & Giroux will publish a funny and surprising investigation into language and translation this October called IS THAT A FISH IN YOUR EAR? by David Bellos.

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Gone with a Handsomer Man Book Trailer

Author Michael Lee West has put together a delightful book trailer for her soon to be released debut mystery, GONE WITH A HANDSOMER MAN.

Teeny Templeton believes that her life is finally on track. She’s getting married, she’s baking her own wedding cake, and she’s leaving her troubled past behind. And then? She finds her fiancé playing naked badminton with a couple of gorgeous, skanky chicks. Needless to say, the wedding is off. Adding insult to injury, her fiancé slaps a restraining order on her. When he’s found dead a few days later, all fingers point to Teeny...

Janet Evanovich says, “Gone with a Handsomer Man is fun, funny, and fabulous!” and Publishers Weekly assures us, "Readers will look forward to more helpings of Teeny Templeton."

Watch the trailer on YouTube or GoodReads!

Book Trailer

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