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YouTube For You, Too!

When you take your snack break today, grab your headphones and hit play!

The opening 10 minutes from the BEA Librarian Shout n Share:

Shout n Share Video

Lesa chatting about some great books we sent her (cat cameo included):

Lesa & Josh

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Alive and Well After BEA

Well folks, we made it through the week and thank the heavens we're coming up on a long weekend because we need it!

This is just a quick check in to say that we survived and will be back with your regularly scheduled programming after Memorial Day.

Here's a picture of Shmackies to tide you over:

Shmackies' Belly

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Ladies and gents, BEA 2011 is upon us!

As always when we disappear into the conference-twilight-zone, updates may get a little spotty around here, but don't you worry. We'll be back by the end of the week with the full BEA rundown.

If you're joining us at the BEA zoo, please stop by the Macmillan booth #3352 to chat us up. If we're not in the booth we'll be somewhere awesome; come find us!

Our full BEA 2011 schedule is available here.

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