Monday Fun Day! (8/27/2012 Edition)

Come one, come all, to a brand new week!

- Did you see today's Maximum Shelf? If not, take a look. It's entirely dedicated to Per Petterson's 1992 novel, IT'S FINE BY ME.

"[R]eaders who love deep examinations of character will find themselves caught in Audun's voice like a ray of light in a prism, their emotions filtering through in a spectrum of compassion, commiseration and admiration. [...]

"Petterson's prose is brisk and unornamented, perfect for evoking the austere beauty of the Norwegian landscape and yet packed with emotions both powerful and subtle."

The issue also includes an interview with Fiona McCrae, publisher and director of Graywolf Press, on working with translations.

teens' top ten - Don't forget to direct your teen patrons to YALSA's Teens' Top Ten poll:

- Our overstuffed A MEMORY OF LIGHT backpack giveaway is still open for those of you interested in taking a peek at Uncharted Pages, our new SF/F recommendation blog hosted by EarlyWord! Contest details here.

- And finally...

MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! The EPIC SHOWDOWN you've all been waiting for: Parrot vs. Kitten! Winner gets the back of the couch.

parrot v kitty vid

Have a great week!

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