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Monday (Absurdly) Fun Day! (7/16/2012 Edition)

Welcome to a new week, biblio-buddies!

We put up a number of important and delightful posts last week that we don't want you to miss including:

- An interview with debut novelist Lydia Netzer whose curious and compelling first novel, SHINE SHINE SHINE, comes out this week! 

- Sign up information for the Edelweiss Librarian Boot Camp which you should all add to your calendars.

- The list of forthcoming titles that Talia presented during the most recent Booklist webinar, Book Battle 2: this time it's personal!, and we included a link to her slides. 

GalleyCat has your cat video fix covered with The Most Popular Literary Cat Videos of All Time.

But most importantly: Sunday was Talia's birthday! I stayed behind on Friday with Peter and Emily from Academic Marketing and we did that thing that everyone hears about, but no one actually does: we blew up hundreds of balloons to leave in Talia's office... 

balloon pic 1

balloon pic 2

balloon pic 3

Total balloon count: 432.


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