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Sign Up Now: Edelweiss Librarian Boot Camp!

July 24th, 2012 2pm Eastern

Join Joe Foster of Edelweiss and Stephanie Wilkes of Ouachita Parish Public Library for a (sweat-free) Edelweiss Librarian Boot Camp. 

Learn the best ways to navigate Edelweiss and how to discover new upcoming titles, create lists and collections, request Digital Review Copies (e-galleys) and communicate with your staff and colleagues. 

For librarians only, registration for the Edelweiss Librarian Boot Camp will be capped at 250, so register soon!

Why Macmillan wants you to attend:

We host all of our digital catalogs with Edelweiss now (PROOF!) and we're slowly starting to host some e-galleys there, too, so we want you to get comfortable navigating the site.

Here's how to register: 

Simply email Joe Foster at joe-at-abovethetreeline.com with "Boot Camp Registration" in the subject line. 

Do it!

One Response to Sign Up Now: Edelweiss Librarian Boot Camp!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Darn! I missed this boot camp because I was on summer break. I hope you will offer it again!
    Thanks ;0)

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