The Rogue Sleeper Wakes Up!

The reviews for this positively outstanding thriller keep coming in, and they're all fantastic. We're extremely excited for the 11/21 issue of the New York Times Book Review, in which Marilyn Stasio’s “Crime Column” will feature Rogue Island!

“This tremendously entertaining crime novel is definitely one of the best of the year.” —Booklist (starred review)

“DeSilva's impressive first novel…combines wit with a fondness for mystery traditions in Mulligan's dogged pursuit of truth. DeSilva has created wonderfully quirky characters, a tangled plot, and a likable, sarcastic protagonist.” —Library Journal (starred review)

“A blistering debut… Mulligan is the perfect guide to a town in which the only ways to get things done are to be connected to the right people or to grease the right palms.” —Kirkus Reviews

"DeSilva colorfully evokes the drama of crime reporting in a gritty, urban atmosphere where rules are made to be broken.” —Associated Press

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